My personal tastes brought me to work with exclusive, outstanding collections with high quality concerns and detail focused. I am also driven to choose designers for human reasons.


My selection is as eclectic as I am, aesthetic wise, still, they can all relate.

As an agent I see myself as a Match maker rather than a sale force: I am the link between a brand and a retailer with same values, collaborating to build a sustainable and equally profitable collaboration.

It takes time to position an emerging brand wholesale and in store, so no “one hit wonders” in my network but reliable companies, independent with a vision, building their universe to last.

As a consultant I help the designers make their message and offer understandable, coherent, and business friendly taking in count their assets,  growth possibilities and expectations.

It is a really close collaboration based on trust, I need to have a “crush” to have what it takes of dedication, it can’t be cold business choices.

I transitioned to sustainable and ethical fashion as it appeared to me to be the only conscient option, as a personal conviction but also because this is where the market goes.

Still I took the time for me to find partners with the same angle as me, being “you can be green but you don’t have to be a hemp caftan fan”.

Ethics is not a posture, it is personal, a life choice, it does not need to be obvious.

Sébastien Ariano-Ragona







Sébastien Ariano-Ragona


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