As revenues is  the core of business neither is it the gauge of  a company's health nor its guarantee.

Choices have to do be done to ensure profits from which arises sustainabilty and possible growth.

Choices that are subjected to goals and ambition but also dictated by the sector, typology of product :


  • Business Model

  • Nature and size of the infrastructure

  • Partners and staff (profiles/qualification...)

  • Perspective and speed of growth of the business

  • Cycles/Turnover of products

  • Width,depth and structure of the offer

  • Price Range...


For these choices to be taken in complete conscience,decision-makers need to be able to have an objective eye on their activity, charges, inventory.

Our skills


  • Business strategic approach

  • Opening new markets and outlets

  • Creation of management tools (processing and análisis)

  • Devising pricing and construction of collections

  • Management and training of the selling teams and overseas agents

  • International business



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