“The combination of scandinavian design and japanese inspiration
with my own style and view on fashion forms a timeless product.”E.M

"All products are made in limited editions, 
custom made or unique pieces. This way,
each item gets the attention it deserves.." E.M.

Halsduk by Esmee is a Dutch fashion label founded

 by Esmee Markhorst in 2016.

With her own twist, Esmee designs exclusive kimonos

& Scarfs for the self-confident person who dares

to distinguish herself. In collaboration with Dutch

ateliers, which prioritized detail, quality, and traceability.

Halsduk is Sustainable Dutch Design & Craftsmanship

with a Scandinavian and Japanese touch.

From Scandinavia for its nature and colorfulness,

Japan for its serenity.


Creations of hand drawn prints, natural, noble

and durable materials and honest craftsmanship

makes every Halsduk an exclusive experience.

Halsduk shares the 'Buy less, buy better philosophy.

By choosing rich, soft, and high-quality materials,

you will have longer wearing pleasure from your Halsduk.

These creations are timeless, and remain adequate and bon ton as seasons fly, they are versatile and suitable for any occasion.

Halsduk adapts to the wearer and not the other way around.

"The fabrics I work with are mainly natural and noble, 
such as silk, cashmere and merino wool, but also 
upcycled, ennobled fibers, such as recycled cotton
or denim. " E.M.

" I do not only care about the materials, I also care about you. " E.M

FMBP Agency by Sébastien ARIANO-RAGONA

SIRET 530 150 705 00024

M. (0033) 667 096 089


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