Less is More or the Jugadu Era

Running an independant business in time of confinement is uneasy and the after won't be anything like the before. To face the transition will require adaptibility, resilience,sharpness and consistency.

Jugadu ( जुगाड़ )is a hindi word which relates to a person who does work in an innovative way, can solve complicated issues, etc. with its mind, networks and other resources; who with little resources and outlets relies on tactital approach known as JUGAAD or more recently Frugal Engineering.

It appears to be a really now a day necessity but also a sustainable model to follow.

The fundamentals are :

- Transform constraints and crisis situations into force, by "breaking" the inertia of habits in favor of a new approach.

- Prioritize reality (available resources, conditions of use of the innovation, field tests, etc.)

- Support the product in proximity to the consumer

- Reuse or recycle existing equipment by improving it

- Foster alliances of contributors and knowledge sharing

- Focus on the need to be satisfied and not on the product or service as such

- Cultivate system D and adaptability strategies

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