Portrait of Eric Cormier designer of Atelier MISU.

What is the name of the store/brand ?

Atelier MISU.

Where does that name come from ?

The name doesn’t reflect anything specific - I wanted something neutral that would appeal to all ages and genders, much like a reflection of the clothing.

The brand was started 3 years ago, but has only recently started to mature.

What is the concept ?

The concept behind the brand is 3 fold.

1. To challenge perceived luxury. Too often price dictates how “quality” a piece is these days. We use the best fabrics and finishing techniques available and are still able to bring super quality pieces to the market without the price tag.

2. To provide a continuing range of luxury casual wear, with bold colours and subtle detailing.

3. Themed collections are the absolute bedrock of the collections. We love to focus on a specific area / colour range etc and then build an entire season from it.

Who is your customer ?

The brand is primarily a “mens fashion brand” but I like to think our customers are everyone of all ages and gender and community. We aim to provide casual pieces that one can wear regardless of who you are. We make a certain selection of sizes each season that can be worn slim or oversize by just about everyone!

Who is behind, your back story ?

I’m a British / Canadian citizen having been born in Canada and moved to the United Kingdom when I was in my early 20’s. I’ve moved around a lot and have lived in 5 countries thus far, with Amsterdam, The Netherlands being my current base and home, of which I’ve been here for 3 years. I didn’t always have a job to go to, and I’ve taken a lot of risk over the years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a firm believer that if you really want something, you have to make these chances work for you. No one is in charge, but yourself.

Can we ask your age ?

41 years old.

Why fashion ?

I spent my entire life in the world of IT, but I knew this wasn’t my calling from my 20’s onward. I was always very artistic and love to do things in “theme”. A few years ago I decided to hang up my suit and really focus on what I wanted to do - and that was build a brand of clothing that really reflects who I am. I have been very fortunate to have travelled to many countries and I love finding inspiration for wherever I go - or want to go! For me building collections each season is the best thing about being in this business. Choosing the fabrics, building the designs and theme of the release is what inspires me to keep moving forward.

A fashion Icon ?

Anyone who can put together an ensemble and make it look good. If you catch attention by just sitting in a Cafe, then you are doing just fine.

Worst fashion faux pas ?

There are probably many. Haha.

Your style ?

I’m very casual, so I like the jeans, Trainers and T-Shirt look.

Favorite outfit ?

It would really depend on where I’m going or what I’m doing but - I have a soft spot for baseball jerseys, and could literally collect them. I think it’s something that reflects my childhood growing up in Canada, and they’ve become very nostalgic for me.

Favorite piece in wardrobe ?

A ripped pair of Diesel jeans that just seem to go with everything.

A fabric ?

French Terry blends in the winter and cotton / elastane blends in the summer. A little bit of elastane can really take a cotton shirt and make it drape so well over your body shape.

A color ?


Sources of inspiration ?

Almost anything. This can be as obscure as a label on a bottle to an artwork, to tiles and beyond. Anything that I can look at and say I really like the way they have blended their colours together can make me inspired.

If it wasn’t fashion what would you do ?

I think it would probably be in cooking. I’m a huge foodie and have been cooking at home for about 20 years. I love exploring all sorts of cuisines and recreating their dishes in my own time. I can spend hours in the souks of Morocco or a food hall in Moscow for example.

A decade, a century?

Easily the 1940’s. I just think this period had such grace and glamour and not to mention etiquette, but I love being anywhere where I can get a feeling of history and times gone by.

A soundtrack ?

I love all sorts of music. I can go between Curtis Mayfield to The Who to Led Zeppelin and beyond. I also have a strong feeling towards traditional Maritime Shantys - Songs with Irish / Maritime roots that have a lot of singing but very little music involved.

A movie ?

Partial to old WW2 movies, particularly ones that show you all sides of what people went through.

A book ?

The House of the Dead by Dostoyevsky is probably my favourite book but I’m not a huge reader if I’m being honest.

A piece of art ?

I have a soft spot for Caravaggio and his huge masterpieces.

A city, a country ?

Really hard to answer. The streets of Italy, the beerhalls of Germany, the brown bars of Amsterdam and beyond. Anywhere can be amazing if you have the right company.

A cause ?

I would support anyone or any movement that is going about making change for the better of people as a whole.

3 fundamental values ?

Be kind to everyone and help people the best you can.

Follow your dreams. If you need to make a change, no matter how small or large that is - then do it. You are the captain of the ship.

Live well and take the time to enjoy the small things in life.

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