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Updated: May 1, 2020

Where does Halsduk come from ? Since when does it exist?

Halsduk is Swedish for Scarf. The scarf is where the brand started. During my adventure I also discovered my love for kimonos. I started in 2016. The first 3 years I focused on developing products, finding the right materials and the right suppliers.

2020 is the focus on distribution.

What is the concept ?Halsduk is a mix of both Scandinavian and Japanese influences combined with the timeless style of Esmee. A sustainable and exclusive brand for kimonos & scarves.

Through the combination of nature and the colourful from Scandinavia, the serene from Japan and my own view on fashion, I create my own style with Halsduk. A timeless product that travel with time and the seasons. Timeless combined with style and elegance. But also wearable for different occasions.

Who is your customer ? Halsduk is designed for self-confidence women who dare to distinguish herself. Women who opt for a sustainable, fair production and unique and high-quality products.

Who is behind ? I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My father has businesses in different countries and an high end italian furniture. Entrepreneurship brought me up. Initially, I did not want to join the family business and chose my own path. I completed a study in Tourism and worked for a number of years for a large hotel chain in the Netherlands. Eventually I ended up in the family business and we decided to stop the furniture store and focus on special chairs for people with disabilities. After more than 20 years I decided to quit the family business and follow my passion for fashion.

Can we ask your age ?Yes may ask ! I am 48 in August. For me age is just a number. I enjoy life and I take life as it comes. My age plays no part in this.

Why fashion ? I've always liked fashion, even though I wasn't at the forefront of trends. I always chose my own path. Something I think I have got it from my mother. My mother also had her own style.

A fashion Icon? Queen Maxima, Audrey Hepburn and Influencer Linda Tol. But also my mother. I recognize so much of my mother's style in myself.

Your style ? I actually like different styles, classic, sporty and elegant. It always has to be feminine.

Favorite outfit ? My favorite look is the Marlene Dietrich (aka palazzo)pants in combination with a kimono jacket or the kimono cardigan from my own collection. I also like to wear leather pants with a t-shirt or blouse combined with a Halsduk scarf and a pair of sneakers.

Favorite piece in wardrobe ? Of course my own collection. But I love to wear the Marlene Dietrich kind of pants.

A fabric ? Silk, cashmere and merino wool

A color ? Green

Sources of inspiration ? Books, Pinterest, Art, Museum and the nature.

If it wasn’t fashion what would you do ?

Interior designer or run my own Bed & Breakfast.

A decade, a century?Most important period in my life is the birth of our son in 2008. Due to circumstances we were not able to have a child through the normal way. Eventually after 6 years our son was born. Every day when he wakes up, looks at me with his blue eyes, I feel so grateful.

A soundtrack ? I don't have a favorite soundtrack . My favourite artists are mainly Tina Turner, Ed Sheeran, Anouk (Dutch sing and songwriter), but also beautiful piano music by Ludovico Einaudi (Una Mattina). Beautifull!

A movie ? Intouchables

A book ? I read many, many books, but “here name was Sarah”, is one of the books I will never forget.

A piece of art ? At home we have a sculpture made by artist Patrick Vogel. A combination of marble sculpture and wood sculpture.

A city, a country ? Vancouver / Canada, I love the energy in this city. I can't explain exactly why I feel at home there. Great food, nature. It's a city, but it doesn't feel huge. And of course the mountains for skiing in winter.

Three fundamental values ? Respect, trust and gratitude for the things you have and the freedom we live in.

Halsduk through Esmee beautiful eyes, for she combines quiet luxury, unassumed elegance with ethics.

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