Portrait of Hjalmar & Maartje from STAUNTON

What is the name of the brand?

Staunton Legend

Where does that name come from?

Staunton is the middle name of Robby Naish, an original windsurfer since 1976, who still practice his sports and heroic independent lifestyle.

What is the concept?

It start with a all-season sustainable luxury brand capsule collection :


Respect to the earth with our behavior

and using our intelligence the right way

to create solutions for the fashion challenges

of today and the future

Staunton Legend’s smart and compact

brand capsule collection is tailored ­­­

toward the active and demanding traveler,

business professional and fashion lover.

It contains all-season items

with a luxury timeless design that adapts

to your modern and elegant lifestyle.

Articles made with dedicated

Craftsmanship will suit your wardrobe a lifetime.

Who is your customer?

The active and demanding traveler,

business professional and fashion lover.

Who is behind, your back story?

Hjalmar Njiokiktjien is a pilot for 20 years. He learned to fly in State Carolina in the USA and started his fly career at city hopper in Europe and now he is flying internationally semi long-distance flights up to 300 passengers.

Maartje van Egmond got her fashion degree at Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 1998 and works in fashion since than as stylist, designer, and art director. As an art director and designer she traveled the world for inspiration, sourcing and product development to work closely with the people who are responsible for the technical aspect of the business, the factory owners and the workers in a sample-room and production-line.

Can we ask your age?

Hjalmar is born in 1972.

Maartje is born in 1975.

Why fashion?

We both love fashion, it brings extra joy to every new day, it is part of our identity and it feels great not to have any stress and hassle of what to wear on everyday travel.

And we want to contribute to a new sustainable fashion circle.

Worst fashion faux pas ?

Fast fashion is so not sustainable, and it take years to change this for many well-known fashion houses.

Your style?

Key looks who are sporty, dynamic elegance, sophisticated and tailored to travel.

Favorite outfit?

The elegant and comfortable suit tailored to travel.

Favorite piece in wardrobe?

The 4-way stretch pilot bomber jacket for men.

The 4-way stretch overcoat, Claremont Ferrand for ladies.

A fabric?

The 4-way stretch crepe fabric and the cool wool with mechanical stretch in the fabric

A color?

Nigh blue, it mixes and matches great with black and white

Sources of inspiration?

Moving is living and everything in between, the everyday traveler moves from city life to work, or from the suburb to city Centre, any way

If it wasn’t fashion what would you do?

Hjalmar would do always something with traveling and transportation, as he loves to navigate, communicate and exploring the world around him.

Maartje would do something with art and craftsmanship and public events, as a young child she always was busy with making art, constructing, and organizing creative gatherings.

A decade, a century?

We both love the sixties and early seventies. Hjalmar loves the industrial revolution, because with all new technical developments it became possible to fly.

Maartje loves the golden century, the enormous discovery of different cultures, globalization was already started than and the influences of all this in fabrics, fashion and art was amazing.

A soundtrack?

Schengen from Raphael

A movie?

Stealing Beauty, Bernardo Bertolucci

A book?

Into the wild, Jon Krakauer

A piece of art?

‘First Time Painting’ of Robert Rauschenberg the way he combines oil paint with recycle materials like paper, carton, fashion and industrial equipment and pieces.

We love the title of this paint, ‘first time painting’

Our philosophy speaks out of this work: stay humble and try to see and explore the world if you see it for the first time.


Country: USA

A cause ?

Offering a creative and new way of working fashion cycle brand who is present in the present and does not ignore the fashion challenges and difficulties.

3 fundamental values ?

1) All seasons collection capsule: No end of season stress for the retailer, items fits in the style of the brand each new capsule.

2) 1-suitcase wardrobe: smart mix and match with limited edition items

3) Sustainable luxury is the answer to what Slow Fashion is about. Timeless designs and products made with dedicated craftsmanship are lasting a lifetime

These 3 values together with the name Staunton and the background of the founders makes the DNA complete and out of this is made the specific Staunton Legend Comfortable dynamic and elegant look.



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