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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Selling off our goods, selling off our branch, selling off ourselves 1/2

Nothing new there : Chain retailers started it and independant stores had to bend.

There is always a reason ; seasonal or not ; to apply discounts.

Final consumers got used to it ; when there is no discount, there's a reasonable and understandable suspicion of over paying a good which will be available at a better price at some point.

Of course one is always willing to pay full price (and something more even) for some exclusive, extravagant, rare, plebiscited by media and/or targeted influencers items.

Still, the core of our economy (volume wise) is not based on this marginal consuming, and really few are the independant distributors that have access to these oddities, and when they have... at what price ?

If you want theses IT brands and IT items in your store you better be already solid, strong and recognized business and if you are you'll be asked for heavy minimum orders and nicely invited to buy the collection as it suits the best the brand (which usually is part of a group ).

No scoop either : Due to climate changes, seasonal sales occure before it is actually the right time to wear the items so naturally the consumers awaits for those to be discounted to buy.

Something seems to be terribly wrong about that business model.

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Tomorrow 16/04 Selling off our goods, selling off our branch, selling off ourselves - 2/2

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