Thinking the New Order

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World is on hold, population is confined home, future is uncertain ... well...

Take a deep breath and exhale.

Mutation times are tough but so are we. We will have to reinvent ourselves and adapt.

The situation is temporary but will last and we already started to change our habits and be sure some of them will stick.

It is certainly not all bad to stay home, to have more time for ourselves and less social interactions.

Over-sollicitation, lake of introspective time, over consumerism are points everybody complains about.

Now is the time and opportunity to make a change.

We knew we were in a wrong path trying to fix the bugs while the machine was still full on full power.

Ask the IT guy, it's necessary to close all the programs that are not operating system to make the necessary updates... and reboot.

Call you loved ones, enjoy quality time, take care of yourself, show your true colors and some human values.

Don't overthink, just think. It is , for sure, going to be fine.

Keep in touch with your collaborators, suppliers and clients. They are human too and part of your life. Listen to them, be sympathetic, share positivism: CARE.

You're drawing your new business model, you're thinking the new order.

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